Things that happen to your body when you “lose weight badly”


Dietitians-nutritionists always advise avoiding miracle diets. Why? Because these types of diets can harm your physical and mental health. However, every year, a new miracle diet triumphs, proposing a new way to lose weight fast. In this article, I will explain to you how a miracle diet can put your weight goal and especially your health at risk:

1: The most popular consequence: the rebound effect

Get back all that you had lost. In each miracle diet you do, you may lose weight due to the caloric deficit that it entails. But when you leave it, you will be worse again than at the beginning.

If you have experienced the rebound effect of this on one or more occasions, you should know that with a balanced. With a personalized diet that adapts to your reality, you can prevent yourself from being a victim again and again of these types of fashions.

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2: You can lose muscle mass and water

You may feel happy because you have managed to lose almost 2 kilos in a week, which motivates you to continue with that diet for as long as necessary. You may not know that, of those 2 kilos, only about 500 g are of fat tissue and that the rest is water and muscle mass, something worrying since it is what we should keep the most.

On the other hand, when you follow a balanced diet adapted to you, you will lose about 500g a week. This does not sound so encouraging. But in this way, you will be conserving your muscle mass to the maximum that will allow you to be healthy or healthy, protect your bones, reduce inflammation, and perform well.

3: lose weight badly can also cause gastrointestinal problems

This type of gastrointestinal discomfort can sometimes be noticed from the first or second day of the “miracle diet. ” Depending on what the miracle diet you have tried consists of, you may see some discomfort or other: If it is a low fiber diet, you will notice constipation and bloating. If you can only eat foods rich in fat and protein, you will suffer from heartburn. If the diet you are trying proposes you to consume many kilos of vegetables and fruits a day, you may have diarrhea.

This type of diet does NOT want you to feel good in every way, but rather that the figure you see on your scale changes as quickly as possible.

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4: Your body may suffer a low contribution of essential nutrients

In line with the previous point, if you can only consume one type of food, you will only provide one type of nutrients, even if it is healthy. For example: if you can eat only meats, you will lack fiber, calcium, magnesium, vitamin C, folic acid, etc. If you can only eat fruits, you will lack protein, B vitamins, omega 3, etc. Something similar will also happen if the diet is very monotonous, which in addition to boring you, will harm your muscles, your immunity, and your entire health.

5: Miracle diets do not let you know the real cause of your overweight 

This point is essential. This type of diet and the neighbor, friend, or favorite artist’s diet does not consider your reality. It does not take into account how you cook, how you shop, how you plan your meals, how you drink, if you eat every day in a restaurant, if you have emotional meals, if you know how to recognize ultra-processed foods, if you know what food servings you need according to your age, height, your analytics, etc.

Miracle diets also do not consider if you have to cook for several people, if you have an intolerance or allergy, or tend to constipation or diarrhea. Therefore, when you want to lose weight and follow a balanced diet, it is highly recommended to be advised by a dietitian-nutritionist who can help you personalize it.

6: “lose weight badly” can worsen the relationship with your body

If you go on a diet just thinking about losing weight quickly, you are somehow moving away from self-care.

People who manage to maintain a healthy weight over time are not weighing themselves every moment but have managed to find strategies to benefit their body in the best possible way: they engage in regular physical activity, eat a balanced diet, understand the impact of diet on their health and they enjoy what they do because they prioritize self-care and feeling good. Also, they know how to respect their hunger and satiety signals and flee from miracle diets.

7: Letting yourself be carried away by “miracle diets” will worsen your relationship with food

Any good relationship between the two parties is based on trust and respect. Suppose we cannot trust ourselves and understand that a chocolate bar within a healthy diet framework will NOT affect us. In that case, we must consider the type of relationship we have with the food: Are you using the candy bar to reward yourself? To punish you. To calm an emotion.

If we are not aware of the relationship we have with our diet, it isn’t easy to achieve a healthy diet and a stable weight in the long term.

The use of mindfulness and psychological counseling are often positive strategies to improve your relationship with food.

8: An unhealthy diet can decrease your performance

Unbalanced diets affect both your intellectual and physical performance, not only because they can cause loss of muscle mass but also because your muscle glycogen will be at a minimum. If you feel tired and exhausted, you will not perform well, and you run the risk of injuring yourself more easily.

9: You will lose kilos but also confidence

Doing these types of diets repeatedly lowers your self-confidence and puts you in a vicious circle from which it won’t be easy to get out. Not only will they make you feel worse for failing, but they will keep you confused as to what your body needs. Also, if they are very restrictive diets, they can favor the appearance of eating disorders.

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10: you will get away from good habits

It is clear that sticking to unbalanced diets takes us away from what is key in maintaining a healthy weight, which is “good habits.”

As I mentioned in point 6, you will only achieve and maintain your goal if we place our health and well-being at the center.

Suppose we can focus our priorities on acquiring habits such as improving our diet, getting enough rest, or staying hydrated. In that case, we will not only improve our weight or body composition, but we will also improve our general well-being.

Therefore, try to create an environment that allows you to make this change in habits, and if necessary, make an appointment with a dietitian-nutritionist who will inform you and who can guide you through the process. Because sometimes, it is not enough to know what you should do, and it is also important that a professional explain how you will achieve it.

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